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Zebra Shade on Black LED Lamp w/Battery Box (L-202)

No wiring needed! A lighting combo with an elegant zebra print shade on a black LED lamp and the battery box that powers the lamp to give you portable lighting anywhere you need a light. The power cord comes out of the side of the lamp base just like a real lamp and plugs into the battery box. A handy press-on/off switch is on the back. I make my own tiny plugs and sockets that are 1/8"H x 1/4"W x 1/8"D.

This battery box has the game board of Nine Man Morris on the top - a popular game in Victorian times. Chess and Backgammon tops are also available so just email me if you want a different game board.

The LED bulb is rated to last 50,000 hours and runs off a 3V battery. The battery will illuminate the bulb for approximately 330 hours and will begin to dim after that and will finally expire at approximately 600 hours. A battery is included in the battery box and I send an extra battery with your order.

Lamp Dimensions:
Height: 2.25"
Shade width: 1.00"
Lamp base: .75"

Battery Box Dimensions:
Height: .50"
Width: 1.25"
Depth: 1.12"

Our Price: $44.95

Item in stock!


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Zebra Shade on Black LED Lamp w/Battery Box

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