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I am located in Dallas, TX and have been making miniatures for almost 30 years and to this day, I don't have my own dollhouse!

Last Christmas, our club, the Mini Cousins, made tiny roombox scenes from gift bags I found at the dollar store and I lit them with LED bulbs and battery packs. One thing led to another and I mentioned the LED lighting to Gayle Harrison at Through the Keyhole who said, "Can you make LED lamps that don't need to be wired into a circuit?"

It sounded like an interesting project and not to far afield from the club project, so I thought I'd give it a try. My goal was to make a lamp with a battery box that would be small but with enough juice to power the lamp for several weeks on one battery. Three weeks later, I had my first lamp and battery box. I used standard white plugs and sockets in my first lamp combos but didn't care for the size so I started making my own that are only 1/8" wide.

Eureka! My lamp test was a success and we found that the 3v battery would light the lamp for a little over 300 hours and still be bright. It took almost a month before it went out completely.

All my lampshades, lamps, and battery boxes are original designs. Some of the lamps are made from little miniatures that I find at Through the Keyhole and are definately one-of-a-kind like the panda in bamboo and the Victorian with a battery box with yarn and knitting on the top.

While working on another project, I needed wallpaper and didn't have any that I liked so I started making my own. I mentioned it to my paper doll friend, Judy Johnson in Michigan, and she sent an entire CD of her grandmother's wallpaper collection from the 1920s through the 1950s. If you're in Dallas, you can find my wallpaper at Through the Keyhole.

My wallpaper designs are original creations and are in 1/2" and 1/4" scales.  Here are some of the designs in a half inch room...


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